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Video Production Pre-Launch Checklist

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How to stay on-budget, on-schedule and on-target for all-around video awesomeness

Like most things in life, a little bit of upfront preparation can make a world of difference in producing a successful video. Of course, for the Blue Marble team –or any video production company – there’s a huge amount of pre-production work that goes into each and every film, video and animation project.

Who's your Audience?

Helps us understand how to tell a compelling story

Video Requirements

Document everything you need to get done and simplify your approach and strategy


All good stories make us want to do something. What moves you?

Measuring Success

How will you determine if this video is a success?

A few pointers for your project

  1. Appoint a project driver
  2. Get consensus
  3. Start early
  4. Overcommunicate



Video has a unique power to break through the noise and create an emotional connection with your customer. We discovered the power of video 25 years ago, and have been a strategic partner for market leaders with a mission-critical story to tell. The kind of big, strategic, high stakes, brand-moving video we do for and with our clients is not easy. It takes a real team effort. The hunt for the heart of the story, sweating the countless details, solving the inevitable problems… we live for this stuff. We’re kinda weird that way. But oh, when it all comes together – and it will – this makes it all so worth it.


Founder/Creative Director


Founder/Creative Director

Andrea Tucker

President of Strategy Applied

“Working with Blue Marble is a great experience. Their professionalism and collaborative approach always deliver fantastic results, and we have a lot of fun getting there.”

Eddie Capel

CEO of Manhattan & Associates

“When Blue Marble was brought in, I saw what could be done with video – the output, the results – and I was hooked. It took anything we’d done before to a whole new level.”

Client Testimonials

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