Liven-Up LIVE Events with Video Assets that Move the Audience

Liven-Up LIVE Events with Video Assets that Move the Audience

Annnnd…We’re Live. After 2+ years of social distancing, conferences and other business events are back – in-person and busier than ever… If you’re planning events this summer or fall, it’s not too soon to think about incorporating video to catapult your event to the next level.

Here are a few examples that can really kick your live event up a notch or two (or three or four).

1. Video moves people. Emotionally and literally. B2B video can explore the details of a microchip, put your audience right on the factory floor, or take them around the world. With the right combination of scene, soundtrack and graphics, your audience will feel like they are part of the action.

2. Video never has a bad day. Live comes with its own energy and fire, but if you’ve got a sensitive message to share, or a product that’s complicated to explain, video takes the pressure off to nail it in just a single live, take.

3. Video has legs. Repurpose your event video and use it throughout the year. Chop it up for social or use it for recruiting and onboarding. Your sales team will also appreciate a consistent and clear tool to explain a new idea or product. And, don’t forget to weave video into marketing materials to promote your event for next year!

Live is in, but not everything we learned about streaming during the pandemic has to be tossed out. Hybrid events that are both live and streaming feel like a new normal that is here to stay. Read up on what we learned about streaming events at Blue Marble, and get up-to-speed on all the ways video can make a big impact on any budget.

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