A Salute to the Supply Chain Heroes!

A Salute to the Supply Chain Heroes!

Wow, the global supply chain has been a hot topic lately — and not in a positive way! Well, amid all the current supply chain frustrations and stress, we’d like to flip the script for a moment and offer a heartfelt Thank You to the supply chain heroes working hard to keep commerce moving and our holiday orders delivered on time.

At Blue Marble, we have a long history of working closely with leading supply chain solutions providers like Manhattan Associates, SAP, Pitney Bowes, SMC3, GreyOrange, UPS and Panalpina.  Back then, the average person didn’t know there was a supply chain!

Today’s amazing on-demand, just-in-time global supply chain we all rely on is incredibly complex, and so are the solutions that make it work. We’re proud to provide video production that helps simplify and tell the complex story of how the modern miracle of global commerce actually works. From product videos, to explainers, brand manifestos, and event videos, we’ve done it all –like this in-your-face meeting-opener we created a few years ago for Manhattan’s annual user conference.

We all just want our stuff! Rest assured there are hundreds and thousands of brilliant, dedicated, overtime-working supply chain professionals on the task along with Santa and his elves right now.

And we’re ready to deliver on your next big video project! Just drop us a note and we’ll get the wheels in motion.

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